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David Shlagbaum has represented a broad spectrum of Canadian and International businesses from mid-market to multinational companies. His clients come from a diverse mix of the manufacturing, retail, marketing, food industries, professional services, publishing, entertainment, and advisory services sectors.

He has an extensive background in mergers and acquisitions and has, for more than two decades, specialized in helping families in business navigate transition planning and family dynamic issues to maximize business value.

David is also a certified Facilitator and Mediator.

David and Arlene are married, with 6 children between them, and an assortment of generally delightful grandchildren. David and Arlene enjoy travelling. David is also an avid but unexceptional golfer and has a good eye for photography.

David Shlagbaum has been by my side looking after the best interests of my family business for over 20 years , whether it was a Purchase Sale agreement , Shareholder agreement , Real estate Purchases or Family Estate planning, David went out of his way to protect my rights and personal wealth. David has a high degree of integrity and a cheerful personality; he is one of those rare individuals who can see complicated situations from a wide lens angle and explain it in simple terms. David has become an essential part of our Family Business and I look forward to working with him for many more years.

Daniel Chretien, Entrepreneur, Emerging Food Markets Inc.

I consider myself fortunate to have worked with David Shlagbaum through two challenging business ownership transitions. He is above all, trust-worthy. That is a mouthful when it comes to choosing who to work with around some of life's most stressful issues. It takes a special person to marry lawyering and facilitation. And he is special. He is a patient listener and creative problem-solver who keeps the focus on practicality, fairness and future well-being. His years of working with all the complex issues faced by family-owned businesses make him a treasured ally in the process of needed changes.

Alice Klein, Co-Founder & former owner: NOW Magazine

David and I go a while back at the onset of our careers as young professionals. Throughout the years, I had the opportunity to benefit from David’s knowledge and expertise in a variety of client situations involving complex tax reorganizations as well as business purchases and sales. He has been invaluable in counselling family owned businesses that typically involve sensitive family dynamics. David is a very strong communicator and our clients are able to grasp complex matter with relative ease. David is not only an excellent business advisor but he is a great individual. It is my pleasure and privilege having the opportunity to work with him!

Allen Koroll, President, Koroll & Company Chartered Professional Accountants


I have been fortunate to work with David over many, many years and very much value his council. He is one of those few people you meet in life who, by way of metaphor, can rapidly scale a ‘ladder up into the clouds’ and see new and far reaching, imaginative ways to navigate a problem, then quick ‘descend the ladder’, with his feet firmly rooted on the ground, to find practical, realistic and workable ways to execute and get the solution over the finish line. Equally important, solving delicate problems, requires carefully understanding and skillfully handling of personalities and human emotions, which are often at the core of the issue; a rare skill which David is a master.

Tye Farrow, Senior Partner, Farrow Partners


David Shlagbaum is both a gentleman and a scholar which make him an invaluable asset when attempting to negotiate the transfer of a business from one generation to the next. He truly comprehends the challenges involved in this endeavour. When dealing with issues such as succession and legacy, you need to be intelligent and patient enough to understand the business to assess its proper value and calculate a fair price. However, you also have to be empathetic enough to grasp the complicated emotions involved in a family-run or close-knit business that may be subconsciously preventing a deal from getting done. David is blessed with an abundance of these characteristics. He is also ethical, kind, patient and persuasive. When looking for a lawyer or facilitator to assist either one party or all parties involved in this type of transaction, David's education, experience and temperament set him apart.

Jason Katz, Partner Singer Katz LLP


As the Intrapreneur in Residence for the Business Families Foundation, I have come by my work with other business families quite naturally. With decades as an entrepreneur, I have had one foot in my “own” businesses and one in “family” for years. When it comes to legal and structural advice for the family business, I turn to David for his insights and tremendous experience.” 

Ken Tencer ICD.D Chief Executive Officer SpyderWorks Best-selling Author of Cause A Disturbance


We have worked with David for over 10 years. He is a trusted advisor for both our family matters and corporate matters. The guidance he provided us throughout the transition of our family business from first to second generation was incredibly valuable and has helped us stay successful throughout a challenging time. Beyond business, he has provided his expertise and support in family and estate planning for both generations of our family. David is a key member of our advisory team, and we look forward to working with him for many more years. 

Jennifer Gourley President & CEO Harding Fire Protection


I’ve known David for many years. He is practical, down to earth, patient, easy to share with. He takes a holistic, collaborative approach with other professionals. David was the first lawyer I’d ever met who gave me the impression he could truly empathize with what people in family businesses go through.  His interest in psychology and inherent wisdom set him apart.

Jennifer East, Founder, ONIDA Family Advisors Inc.

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